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About Us
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Address: Fairmont Tonghua Economic Development Zone
Tel :86-435-7776966
      Mr. Lin 8618604352865
      Mr. Liu 8613766140456
Zip: 134008
E-mail: sales@x-mg.cn
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About us

Xiangyuan Magnesium Technology Co., Ltd. of Jilin Province was established in July 2010, and it was at Jinchang Town in Dongchang District of Tonghua City, Jilin Province. The company covers about 40 hectares and its registered capital is 151 million yuan. The total amount of the investment is 1.03 billion yuan.
The main products are various types of magnesium ingots, magnesium alloy ingot, magnesium powder, magnesium grain, magnesium alloy rods, magnesium alloy plates and sections, magnesium anode, and magnesium alloy casting. The integrated projects include the production of environmental friendly unburned bricks and magnesium cinder block made from the magnesium residues, cinder and sieve slag, and the supply the magnesium slag cement to the surrounding cement plant as raw materials.

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